The holy grail of portfolio trackers

The only tracker that integrates real-time expert sentiment and call analysis from the entire social-sphere.

Expert opinion and sentiment integrated with your portfolio and watchlist

When to buy?

What are the experts saying about the coins in your watchlist? Should you be buying?

When to sell?

What are the experts saying about your portfolio? Make the right decisions on when to hodl and when to sell

The Social Analysis Revolution

Technical and fundamental analysis have long formed the bedrock of investment and trading, now it’s time for a new era.

The Coin Profile Page

KEE helps you make better trading and investment decisions by giving you real-time insight and trends derived from social media posts from influential blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

The Data

The coin profile page is KEE’s nerve center. It features multiple data points for your analysis and research. As well as the market data that you would expect (current price, trading volume, market cap and supply), KEE provides you with social volume, strength and sentiment values. These are calculated from the social posts from the experts that KEE tracks. KEE also provides social volume figures generated by the wider ecosystem.

DYOR 2.0

Take a snapshot using the BULL/BEAR indicator, then get additional detail to identify movement in social trends. Understand if social strength is generated by a small group of influential experts, or wider community opinion. Look for spikes in coin popularity when large number of experts start mentioning or following a coin’s account. Compare the signals from experts to the wider social chatter to filter out noise generated by bounty campaigns or pump and dumps.

Real-time udpates

KEE constantly tracks over 25,000 of the top crypto and blockchain experts on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and TradingView. When posts go live, they are instantly analysed to bring you the most accurate information.

Powered by awesome data

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Integrated exchanges

Who is this for?

Day traders

Who require accurate real time signals for executing trades.

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Who want to know the perfect time to enter or exit the market for a coin or ICO

Long-term investors

Who want to monitor the sentiment of their portfolio investments.

Track expert opinion on your portfolio and watchlist

KEE provides a clear overview of your total portfolio balance, total profit/loss since you started investing or since the last 24 hours. See the trend of your cryptocurrency investments with your personal portfolio graph. In both your local currency and in Bitcoin.

Use social sentiment to inform your decisions

For every coin on our platform KEE provides a rich level of data. For a quick sentiment check, use the swing indicator for overall social sentiment on a coin or ICO. But dig a little deeper and uncover a whole host of metrics to inform your trading and investment decisions.

Track calls from highly rated experts

This app cuts through the noise to give you exactly what you need. It not only filters all social media posts to deliver you the intel on the ICOs and coins you’re interested in, it then ranks those calls by the authority and expertise of the individuals making them using KEE’s analytics algorithm.

Choose from a vast list of coins and ICOs

See what influencers are saying about coins and ICOs, how much social media noise is being generated and how expert sentiment and trading calls have changed over time. Identify shifts in sentiment and gauge not only the level of activity on a coin or ICO’s social media account, but also the quality of that activity. See how the value of your tracked coins has changed since experts posted about them.

Review social output from an extensive list of experts

Select your favourite experts or create groups of experts and filter their posts to just show sentiment and calls related to specific ICOs and coins. All experts are ranked according their authority, expertise and peer influence ensuring that boosted and fake accounts don’t get onto KEE’s expert list. More experts are added daily through our research programme.

Everything else you'd expect from a premium crypto tracker

Coin market prices and charts, local currency selection, customisable layout, alerts and notifications, portfolio safeguarding and recovery (with encrypted serverside account), 24/7 Customer Support, day/night mode, community rewards and ad-free.

Fully responsive web-app for mobile, tablet and desktop

Kee has been designed from the ground up as a responsive web app to ensure you can get access to your portfolio and data wherever you are and whatever device, operating system or browser you use. As KEE is account based, you can log in whenever you need, with no need to sync across devices.